Tell A Friend Technology Brings Tons And Tons Of Viral Traffic Come Flooding In

No wonder the big fortune 500 companies use contests! Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds — they all use contests for a reason!

That reason is:


You see, when you run contests using this program, you'll instantly realize people are MUCH MORE engaged with what you are doing... much more responsive... much more active... and much more profitable!

If you trust the person who made a referral or suggestion, then, if that person has credibility with you, then the product/offer/business/service that your friend recommended gains instant credibility. "If Bill got treated well there, I will too," is the way we all naturally think about a recommendation.

"The most powerful form of business marketing, by far, is direct personal contact and referrals from others. In fact, 80 percent of business transactions can be traced to one or both of those networking methods."  
-- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Recommendations from trusted friends and family members can even generate sales someone is not inclined to take an action or buy.  It may be a suggestion shared with great emotion.

On a website page or even directly through social media such as a business page or fan page you can set up incentives with contests that can go viral.
Instead of simply using a link to "tell a friend" or "invite your friends", try the following on your menu or page:

1. Enter To Win
2. FREE iPad
3. Great eBook
4. Take a Cruise

Which link would you click? 

The one that says “Tell a Friend' OR the one that reads ‘Free iPad'
I don't know about you but I would click on the link that says 'Free iPad'
The word FREE always gets attention!

Tell A Friend Page Contest Link

Now that a visitor is clicking on the link (because they want the 'Free iPad', you must CONVINCE them that telling their friends will be worth their time. Simply explain what YOU will give them if they tell a friend about your webpage.
You can offer instant gratification to instantly gift your visitors when they complete an action.

This does not have to be just for profit. This can be done for profit. In early January there was a successful campaign using the same software to raise money for a little 4-year old girl with cancer.  It needed a viral campaign and the contest approach worked.

That's why you need to invest in making your current customers happy so they will pass on the good news about your company to everyone in their lives. But how's the best way to get that job done?  With software.

"And the really cool part about it was that my website went viral. It went into places that I didn't even know existed. So this is the software that is very powerful and I highly recommend it to anybody.”  Joey Kissimmee

Transform Your Website Visitors Into Raving Fans With Tell A Friend Page

Tell a Friend Page

Contests are great for tell a friend.

Coming from a friend, the referrals are dramatically more trusted and far more likely to result in new purchase and customer commitment than direct business messages. 

Why Social Networks?

A friend that makes a suggestion is more valued that a company trying to sell something.  Friends make referrals across social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, instant messaging, and other social platforms.

Brands and retailers can customize connections within the social networks and the use of contests drives the personal reward of getting the “prize” by passing on the suggestion. The individual passes on the suggestion for their own gain and the friend accepts the suggestion from a trusted party, therefore it has greater influence.

Tell-a-friend Marketing

Marketing that builds in social referrals and “Tell-a-Friend” campaigns that include incentives and are suited to the target audience have been shown to be very successful.

The Recommendation Economy

The American oil magnate John D. Rockefeller says, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.

The best day of business life is when traffic and sales are completely automatic as other people are doing all the work on your behalf because they are recommending your product.

Tell A Friend Page Contest Link

A  2009 survey conducted by concluded:

"More than half (53%) of Internet users had visited webpages referred by friends or family members in the previous 30 days."

In 2009, social media was just starting to take off.  Facebook only applied to go public in 2012.  Social media is truly viral.

Industry giant Nielsen Media, who surveyed 26,486 internet users in 47 markets from Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East, discovered this:

"Advertisers around the world are able to reach consumers across an increasingly diverse range of media platforms. Even so, the recommendation of someone else remains the most trusted source of information when consumers decide which products and services to buy."

It's certainly true for brick-and-mortar ones. Everyone has been asked by a friend, co-worker or family member to recommend a good mechanic, doctor, lawyer, accountant, shoe store, or some other kind of business. You know it's true.

Now, we all realize that a referral is not a guaranteed sale, but it is an opportunity to make a sale to a customer who is predisposed to doing business with you because someone they trust said that they had an excellent experience with you.

When a prospect walks into a place of business or arrives at a webpage as the result of a referral, the chances of closing a sale are much better. How much better? According to some reports, a referred customer is up to 400% more likely to buy your product or service than someone who lands on your web page cold. 400%!

With those types of odds it just doesn't make sense not to ask for referrals.

Sometimes people online ask for recommendations.  More often, online activity is about people pass on things that they find cute or interesting. Passing along the latest “email” message with photos of cute kittens?  Or perhaps, a great tip for the home?  Maybe you tell a friend about an inspirational message that touches the heart.  There could even be an offer embedded in the message that your friend will click on or take some action that could turn that friend into the funnel of customer acquisition for a business.

  • Word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  It is easy when people refer products and offers to their friends, through their social networks
  • Smart businesses tie incentives and contest promotions to reward desired actions
  • More incentives are passed along to other soon-to-be customers through these referrals, leading to a viral chain of new product referrals

Accessing the social network of friends: The original business message gets viral traffic and is amplified, reaching a new and large like-minded audience, quickly and cost-effectively, through social forwarding, friending, and liking.

Tell A Friend Page Contest Link

Tell a Friend Is The Recommendation Economy!

Many online business owners run affiliate programs that offer cash incentives to customers who recommend other buyers. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with cash, pay-per-performance programs aren't the right solution for everyone. First of all, it's "pay-per-performance" not "pay-per-referral." This means that people who are providing referrals don't receive any reward for their efforts unless and until the people they referred make a purchase.

These are just a few of the reasons why there needs to be a better way to collect the maximum number of recommendations possible and to instantly reward people for providing those referrals. Of course, giving away cash for simply providing names isn't a good business model, but there are free and low-cost ways to instantly reward people that can be just as good as cash.
But you still need a way to automatically collect every possible name from each visitor.

Incentives such as contests with highly prized rewards that are automated and have the promise to “go viral” give the tell-a-friend concept that spreads like wildfire and “sells” like hotcakes – hot, hot, hot!

A sophisticated viral marketing tool can gently persuade your customers and visitors to give you referrals. Even better, such a program can automate the entire process. All you have to do is plug it into your website and turn it loose. Not only does it provide a way for you to gift your customers with instant rewards, it also will import their entire address book (with their permission, of course) right into your referral system. This is the wave of the future happening now.

Facebook is one of the huge social networks utilizing one of the most powerful viral marketing strategies ever conceived. Facebook has its own "Friend" adding programs that have been wildly responsible for generating friend activity in a very short time.

Generate More Friend Activity By Offering Rewards

Tell A Friend Page Contest Link

Transform Your Website Visitors Into Raving Fans
Your visitors will "happily" spread the word about your site all over the web. They'll get engaged with your message... and become raving fans!
In fact, they'll tell everyone about how great you (or your product) is and they'll recruit people (influence them) to visit your site!
When you "incentivize" these actions... by offering prizes... it instantly turns passive browsers into ACTIVE PROMOTERS of your site! It's already proven... your visitors will tell a friend and:

  • Spread links on Facebook, Twitter & dozens of social media sites
  • Email their friends, family and lists about your site
  • Get friends to sign up on your site (opt in)
  • Create articles, press releases, Hub Pages & many other types of content, linking to YOU
  • Create reviews for your product that get shared with friends
  • Record YouTube videos about you & their experiences with your service
  • They'll even write your website content for you and share with friends!

The tests show... the click through and open rates are through the roof! And for good reason... it's obvious why... people are engaged and they want to know IF THEY WON any prizes or what the next move is! They tell a friend and tell more friends and check back in to see how they are doing to get rewards.

Think about it, we buy from those we Know... Like... and Trust. If you engage your marketplace and these individuals tell their friends because they have warmed to you products, sales conversions are a piece of cake (selling like hot cakes...)

"Tell a Friend Participants Are

They are out there spreading the word And BRANDING You on your behalf All Over the internet with each tell a friend action! 

Tell A Friend  Goes Viral and CREATES BUZZ IN THE MARKET FOR YOU.... because friends are telling friends with easy as a click software using social media and USER-FRIENDLY "LIKE" actions

  • Friends posting your product on Facebook to earn points.
  • Friends clicking "LIKE" on Facebook for you
  • Friends posting your product (or contest) on Twitter to earn points.
  • Friends posting blog comments to earn points
  • Friends writing and submitting press releases to earn points
  • Friends writing and submitting articles to earn points
  • Friends shooting and submitting YouTube videos to earn points
  • Friends creating video responses to your YouTube videos
  • Friends "subscribing" to your YouTube channel
  • Friends driving subscribers to you to earn points

Let's Go VIRAL!

The Ultimate Viral Tool!

You could realistically start with just a very small group of friends in your contest. That tiny group could be all you need to initiate that "snowball effect" that sparks a "viral storm" of traffic, leads and income!

It does not take much to spark the viral phenomena!  With an army of friends participating on your tell a friend page you'll quickly have a ton of people out there driving traffic to your website, or contest fan page!

Tell a Friend Brings Tons Viral Traffic

Tell A Friend Page Contest Link